Koshkin was an FSB special forces and operations soldier sent to Siberia to guard the scientific group.


Near the beginning of the book, when some Euparkeria came through an anomaly into a gas station, Koshkin, along with Medyevin, spied on the team, from their car. Later on, when Cutter, Abby, and Connor visited the Central Metropolitan University, Koshkin, along with Medyevin, kidnapped the three of them, threatening them with a gun. Then, they were smuggled into Siberia, where they then discover that the reason they were kidnapped was because the Russians literally have the same problem that they have, over in the UK; creature incursions are happening, all over the place! It turned out that Koshkin was one of 3 FSB soldiers sent from the Tunguska site: The other two were Shvachko and Umarov. When they finally located the anomaly, Koshkin went through it, and got stranded in the past. After the anomaly re-opened, he went back to the present, along with the others. However, once he returned, he was frowned upon by Shvachko, whom disagreed with him, about all of his beliefs. In the end, Koshkin managed to survive the Tyrannosaurus Rex rampage through the camp, and escorted the British team to their helicopter. Nick Cutter told him that, if the Russian anomaly team ever needs any more help with their so-called "erratics", then, he knows where to find them. (Extinction Event).

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