The Kensal Green Cemetery was a graveyard in Kensington, London.


In 2007, Stephen Hart was buried at the cemetery. The funeral service was attended to by Anomaly Research Centre members Nick Cutter, Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Jenny Lewis and James Lester as well as Caroline Steel, and the rest of Stephen's friends and family. Afterwards the ARC team had to leave quickly because of a new anomaly alert. Once everyone had gone, Helen Cutter arrived and left a fossilised Ammonite upon Stephen's grave, telling him that things could change, as her army of Cleaner Clones stood by her. (Episode 2.7)

Around one-two years later, Nick Cutter was also buried here after his death. (Episode 3.3, Fire and Water)

Other references

Abby once had a dream that Connor was also dead and buried at the cemetery and he, Stephen and Nick were standing over their own graves, disappointed that Abby had not come to visit them yet. (Fire and Water)

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