Lieutenant Ken Leeds' office was the original base of operations for Project Magnet and Ken Leeds' personal office.


After Project Magnet was declared redundant in August 1954, Magnet remained operational at the office that had served as its headquarters, although the office fell into disorganisation and began to fill up over the years. (The New World, Sisiutl) After Ken Leeds was assigned to commander of Project Magnet, he gained the office as his base of operations.

The New World

In December 2011 - January 2012, Angelika Finch was directed to Project Magnet in her search of an agency capable of dealing with the Anomaly operation, and went Ken Leeds' office to talk with Leeds about the Anomaly project. Leeds managed to convince an unimpressed Ange that he could help with containing and covering up the Anomaly incursions, and subsequently gave the Special Projects Group access through the police to Stanley Park and the incursion covered up from his office.


A week after the Stanley Park incursion, while Ken Leeds was constructing a Project Magnet file on the Anomaly project, Ange barged into the office to talk to Leeds about his approach to Evan's command over the Anomaly operation and on Project Magnet taking control of the operation from Evan Cross.


After Colonel Henderson Hall approved the reactivation of Project Magnet, he sent Warrant Officer Lisa Merriweather to work with Leeds as a liaison. (Clean Up on Aisle Three) The office was tidied to resemble an office again. Lisa was provided with a desk (Breakthrough)

The Great Escape

Lisa started reorganising Leeds' boxes of old file/cases before he stopped her. Later Evan and Dylan Weir barged into the office to confront Leeds.

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