"Its a prototype, it's not meant to be sexy."
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Keith was one of several tourists that visited a prison that had been turned into a visitor attraction. He liked to take lots of pictures. When the warden dared anyone to be locked in the cell for a minute, to have the feel of the prisoners, the tourist volunteered. He was locked in the cell when he discovered a satellite anomaly leading to the Pliocene. After taking a photo of it, a Terror Bird came through, to his horror, and he was killed by the creature almost immediately. The Terror Bird then returned through the anomaly, taking the body with him. However, it ended up in another area in the prison, so the warden found no trace of the tourist or an anomaly. (Episode 4.7)

Behind the Scenes

  • When he is killed he emits the Howie Scream, a less well known version of the Wilhelm Scream.

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