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The Jurassic Sea is a deep sea in the Jurassic period. It is inhabited by Liopleurodon and Swimming Theropods. The presence of Swimming Theropods would suggest that there are islands in the Jurassic Sea, and the fact that neither the water surface nor the sea floor are visible would suggest that the Sea is very deep and possibly located in the oceans.


Episode 5.2

An Anomaly to the North Sea in the Present opened in the Jurassic Sea and a Liopleurodon went through. The Anomaly's magnetic field later pulled a Nuclear Submarine through into the Jurassic Sea, and the Liopleurodon followed it back through. A pod of three Liopleurodon initially investigated and damaged the submarine, until it returned through the Anomaly and locked it by sending a torpedo containing an Anomaly Locking Mechanism through (though not before a nuclear torpedo was fired through the Anomaly into the Jurassic Sea).