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The Jurassic desert was a barren zone in the Jurassic period inhabited by carnivorous swarms of Jurassic Beetles.


Fear of Flying

A large aerial Anomaly opened in the Jurassic desert, and Eastern Airlines Flight 443 accidentally flew through from Spring River Airport in early 2012 and crash-landed in the desert.

Later, Evan Cross and Dylan Weir went through the Anomaly into the Jurassic desert in search of Flight 443, and travelled across the desert to the plane. A swarm of Jurassic Beetle drones attacked the plane, killing the pilot Jim and trapping Evan, Dylan and Pallavi Grewal inside. Meanwhile, a queen Beetle travelled through the Anomaly to the airport in the present, but was contained and captured by Mac Rendell and Samantha Sedaris.

Evan, Dylan and Pallavi first tried to repair Flight 443 from inside and fly it back through the Anomaly, but this plan was ruined when the Jurassic Beetles broke into the plane cockpit and killed Pallavi. Shortly after, Evan and Dylan abandoned the plane and, using a flare and burning blankets to keep the Beetles at bay, made a run across the desert for the Anomaly. Evan and Dylan threw a makeshift anchor up through the Anomaly, which Mac used to hoist the two up and back through.

The Jurassic Beetles tried to follow Evan and Dylan through the Anomaly by climbing up through on the makeshift anchor, but they were stopped when Dylan threw the anchor back through. The queen Jurassic Beetle was also returned through the Anomaly to the Jurassic moments later.


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