« "There's no one left. The others are all dead. God help me, it's happening again. They're here...!" »
John Mortimer's last words in his diary[src]

John Mortimer was part of a four-man group of scientists studying an Anomaly in an abandoned war cabin in 1936. He came into contact with the Terror Birds and recorded their screeching. The birds later killed his team and trapped him in his study room. Apparently, he eventually died in there from starvation, but not before he wrote, in code, about what had happened in his journal.

In 2009, when Danny Quinn and the Anomaly Research Centre team came to the cabin to hide from Christine Johnson, Connor and the team found Mortimer's skeleton still in the study room, along with his journal. Sarah Page took the journal, decoded it and read it to Danny, Abby and Connor. (Episode 3.6)

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