Jim was a plane pilot who flew around the world and died in the Jurassic after flying through an Anomaly.


Jim flew all around the world and fought in the Gulf War, and became a Buddhist afterwards while in Thailand. Circa 2012, Jim came to Canada due to the country's reputation as a friendly place.[1]

Fear of Flying

One day, when Jim and his new co-pilot Pallavi Grewal were trying to pilot the Eastern Airlines Flight 443 cargo plane from Spring River Airport in Canada, an Anomaly opened up directly in front of their plane, causing them to accidentally fly the plane through into a desert in the Jurassic.

Evan Cross and Dylan Weir eventually arrived, and Jim and Evan set about repairing the plane and flying it back through the Anomaly. While Jim and Evan were fixing the plane's landing gear, Jim was devoured and killed by Jurassic Beetles; suggesting that he was either attacked and devoured by the Beetle swarm when they attacked the plane, or that the Queen Beetle had laid eggs down his throat.

Evan later took a note written by Pallavi to her family back to the present with him and Dylan so that she and Jim would not be forgotten.


  1. Fear of Flying

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