This apartment was where James Lester lived during the week but his family did not live in there. It was upmarket and located in London, England.


When Anomaly Research Centre team member Connor Temple temporarily had nowhere to live, Lester allowed Connor to share the place with him out of sympathy - and also to stop him living at the ARC. (Episode 3.5)

While living there, Connor also brought his two pet DiictodonsSid and Nancy, who caused havoc for Lester by gnawing his clothes, and eating an formal invitation. (Episode 3.63.8)

Lester made it clear that he wished to evict Connor as soon as possible, hiding the fact that he letting Connor live with him from his colleagues and placing "DO NOT" signs everywhere around the apartment, prohibiting him from doing things such as keeping specimens in the ice tray of the fridge, answering the door, and asking why he wasn't allowed to answer the door. (Episode 3.63.9) Abby Maitland once visited Connor there and brought Rex along. (Episode 3.9)

When Abby and Connor where marooned in the Cretaceous, Sid and Nancy were put in the Menagerie. Over a year later, after Connor returned to the present, he did not move back into Lester's apartment. (Episode 4.2, Series 4)


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