Jake Hemple is an SAS member that the ARC Team drafted in, after Stephen Hart's death. His job was to make sure that no more of the team got killed. (Extinction Event). He didn't serve with the ARC for long, as he was soon replaced by Captain Hilary Becker, meaning that Jake was possibly killed in a creature attack, or he could have resigned or been fired. (Episode 3.1).


  • His disappearance after the events of Extinction Event might possibly have had something to do with him getting injured near the end of the Russian expedition, when he was attacked by an Ankylosaurus, and, later, a pack of Troodons. He must have either chosen to resign, or had been ordered to leave, by Lester, since he was no longer in a fit condition to work. However, in the end, we don't know. But, there is still a very good chance that the injuries that Hemple sustained, at the end of Extinction Event, presumably had at least something to do, with him leaving the ARC, and getting replaced by Captain Hilary Becker, in Episode 3.1.

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