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Jake (Episode 2.6)
Biographical information
Status Alive
Production information
Actor/Actress Reuben Lee
Appearances Episode 2.6
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Jake was a young child who was on the M25 with his mother, Dina, to pick Jake's father up from an airport and was entertaining himself with a toy monkey and a Brachiosaurus. When a Columbian Mammoth came through an Anomaly onto the M25, it rammed the car, trapping Jake's mother. As the Anomaly Research Centre team arrived, Jake left with Connor Temple, while Nick Cutter helped free his mother. He later unintentionally saved his mother's life when he sounded a truck horn, and then helped Connor capture the Mammoth in the the truck they were in, by opening and closing the rear door. Connor later returned Jake to his mother after she had been freed. (Episode 2.6)

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