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Jack Maitland was the younger brother of Abby and the brother-in-law of Connor Temple. Jack was responsible for Connor moving out of Abby's flat when the former came to stay for a while.



Jack was born sometime after 1985[1] as the younger brother to Abby.

Episode 3.4

When Connor took a phone call from him on Abby's mobile he got the wrong impression. He originally was quite suspicious about Jack. He learnt that Abby had gone to meet a "Jack-someone" from Jenny shortly after receiving the call. Presuming that Jack was intruding on his relationship with Abby, Connor became slightly distanced and upset during the mission. Later, when Abby returned after the attack of the Giganotosaurus, Connor was futher distressed when Abby told him they had to talk about something important later.

When Connor returned home, he met Jack in a bath towel, and Abby introduced him. Disheartened, Connor was about to leave when Abby reveals that Jack is in fact her brother and his fears are lifted. Connor agrees to stay at a friends' house while Jack stays at the flat. Abby states that Jack had "nowhere to go". It is unknown why, presumably family matters.

Episode 3.6

Later, while Abby is out with the team, Jack invites his friends over to Abby's flat. Jack bets and loses Rex in a game of poker to Tony.

Episode 3.7

Connor contacts Jack after finding Rex for sale on an internet auction site.

Episode 3.8

Jack steals an Anomaly Detector of Abby's and finds an anomaly to the Future. In an attempt to escape a Megopteran, he speeds about in a sports car - accidently unlocking the locked anomaly and skidding through. He tumbles underground and is trapped. After facing some ugly Larvae, Danny Quinn comes to his rescue while Captain Becker disappears in order to fight off the future creatures. When Jack shows selfishness in worrying over his own health, Abby lashes out at him, blaming him for Becker's 'death' when Jack fails to show any guilt. Back in the present, he confesses to Abby that he gambled Rex away and Connor got Rex back for him. Realising that Connor could have taken the opportunity to make Jack look bad, but didn't, Abby is impressed and this helps to bring Abby and Connor closer together. Now realising that he is out of his depth in Abby's world, Jack leaves the flat.

Post-Series 3

It is unknown if Jack was informed of Abby's disappearance while she was in the Cretaceous, or of her subsequent return after a year.




Abby Maitland

Seemingly a fairly typical sibling set-up, with some 'I know what's best for you' on the big sister's part, and constant rebellion on the younger brother's. Their time apart appears to have reduced Jack's initial loyalty when they reconnect, but when push comes to shove, he owns up to his actions and faces the consequences.

Connor Temple


Danny Quinn



  1. Abby, born in 1985, says he is her younger brother; this makes him born after 1985