« "Yeah, I'm sure the world of JCB drivers would love Hannah Spearritt driving their JCB!" »
Douglas Henshall in a behind-the-scenes interview.[src]

JCB is a multinational corporation, based in the UK, that produces equipment for worldwide construction, demolition, and agricultural usage.

JCB 8040 ZTS

The JCB 8040 ZTS is a mini excavator, produced by JCB in the UK. It weighs in at 9,480 kilograms, and is powered by a Perkins 45 horsepower diesel engine.

Abby Maitland used a JCB 8040 to dig a pit-trap for a Smilodon. While digging the hole, a corpse was discovered. Suddenly the Smilodon arrived and Abby used the JCB's hydraulic arm to fend off the big cat. (Episode 2.3)

JCB 926

The JCB 926 is a rough-terrain forklift, produced by JCB in the UK. It weighs in at 5910 kilograms, and has a lift capacity of 2600 kilograms.

When the deceased Future Shark was transported back to the Anomaly Research Centre it was loaded onto the JCB 926, hanging by its tail to perform an autopsy of the fish. (Episode 2.4)


The JCB 3CX is a medium-duty backhoe, produced by JCB in the UK. It weighs in at 7945 kilograms and is powered by a 100 horsepower turbocharged engine.

This JCB was used for the quad bike campers. It was used to recover a crashed quad bike, shortly before another quadbiker was killed by an Embolotherium, as was seen carrying the dilapidated quad bike in its bucket. Later Danny Quinn got one of the Special Forces soldiers to drive the JCB to help push the rhinos back through the Anomaly. (Episode 3.9)


  • Hannah Spearritt gave a brief tutorial as to how to operate the JCB 8040 in Through the Anomaly.
  • It is possible that the forklift seen in Episode 3.1 was one produced by JCB.

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