The Isle of Dogs warehouse - future shoreline Anomaly was an Anomaly linking a warehouse basement in the present day Isle of Dogs to a bay in the future. It flooded some drains and allowed a group of Mer Creatures into the present.


Episode 2.4

This Anomaly opened up for a matter of seconds, during which time floodwaters from the future bay poured through, along with a Future Shark and a group of Mer Creatures, before the Anomaly closed.

The Anomaly reopened a day later, and a MerQueen went through into the future with Abby Maitland, while Connor Temple followed through behind them to rescue Abby. Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart also went through the Anomaly to help Connor and Abby, and the four afterwards returned through to the present.

The Anomaly Research Centre secured the Anomaly, and due to Cutter's prediction that the Anomaly would remain open for some time, James Lester instructed Oliver Leek to seal the Anomaly site up with concrete.


  • The first time this Anomaly opened, it was open for a shorter amount of time than any other known Anomaly.
  • This was the first encountered Anomaly to link the present and the future.
  • It is believed by fans that Oliver Leek's organisation may have gone though this Anomaly to capture two Mer Creatures if they did not catch them in the present.

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