The Isle of Dogs warehouse was located in the Isle of Dogs, London. The basement of this warehouse was connected to a nearby canal via a vast network of pipes.


An Anomaly once opened in the basement of the warehouse, leading to the Future, and allowed sea water flow through, flooding the basement. A futuristic shark and a group of Mer, also came through and travelled to the canal through the pipes. The Mer returned and used the basement to store captured people for food; Abby Maitland and Lucien Hope.

Jenny Lewis became aware of the flooding and sent Nick Cutter and Connor Temple to the warehouse to investigate. They found and rescued the two captured people then with the help of Stephen Hart, neutralised all the remaining Mer, which had not returned to the future. As the Anomaly was still open, James Lester told Oliver Leek "redevelop" the warehouse by filling the basement with several tonnes of concrete. (Episode 2.4)

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