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The Interviewer interviewed James Lester, Hilary Becker, Matt Anderson and Jess Parker after the agreement to the revival of the ARC.


He starts his interview with Lester by making him give out the names of the missing trio. He asks Lester if he believes they're still alive, he explains that as they went through an anomaly into the Future, it means that even if they were killed in that world they won't be dead for another x number of centuries so officially they are still alive. He notes that the rescue attempts were not successful but one way or another the mission achieved its goal as there's no sign of Helen Cutter, Lester says that the questioner is lucky that he is unfamiliar with her, referring to her simply as a "nasty woman". He asks Lester if he feels the ARC should be allowed to continue it's work, Lester says that it was colossal mistake to suspend the ARC in the first place, a decision that The Minister already has good cause to regret after the appearance of a Stegosaurus in the members bar at the House of Commons. The interviewer gives Lester the headline: the ARC will be allowed to continue its work, in one form or another. Lester doesn't like the sound of that.

He interviews Becker, asking if he believes they're still alive, he simply says that they haven't found any bodies. He tells the interviewer of how he tried looking for them, but stopped after the last attempt, which resulted in the death of Sarah Page. Becker says that although he doesn't know what happened to the others after they went through, he thinks about it everyday. He asks Becker if he will withdraw his resignation, Becker doesn't think so, he tells Becker that Lester feels that they are still alive, Lester is needed, and Lester wants Becker. This convinces Becker to withdraw his resignation. (S4 Prequel Episode 1)

He interviews Matt, showing him footage of the Stegosaurus in the House of Commons; Matt identifies it and it's period. The interviewer notes that Matt doesn't appear surpised, Matt simply says that he's told he doesn't have a very expressive face, saying that after his job interview at a top secret government facility he was prepared to be shown pretty much anything.

He interviews Jess, who is shown footage of a Gorgonopsid attack, shocking her, doubting it's real. When she asks if she would come into contact with the dinosaurs in her job, the interviewer assures her that she wouldn't. He asks her why she thinks she's gone so far in the selection process, she says it's because she's the best team co-ordinator he'll find. (S4 Prequel Episode 1)

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