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This article is about the building where Colonel Hall interviewed Ken Leeds, not the research facility where Project Magnet was keeping creatures they had captured, which was a separate building.

The Interview building was a facility owned by the Canadian Army. Project Magnet used it after its official revival in 2012.


  • Interview room
  • Henderson Hall's office
  • Holding cells
  • Several hallways


Colonel Henderson Hall was presumably in his office when he was called by Lieutenant Ken Leeds twice. (Clean Up on Aisle Three, Breakthrough)

The Inquisition

After a Terror Bird escaped the Project Magnet research facility, Leeds was arrested for shooting the bird and tranquilising Major Douglas so he was detained in the holding cells. Colonel Hall set up a recorded interview where he asked Leeds about his actions and how he had been helping the Special Projects Group more than he was allowed to.

Later on, Project Magnet stormed Cross Photonics and arrested Evan Cross before taking him to be interviewed by the Colonel. Mac Rendell was also taken there, however Evan convinced the Colonel that Mac was no longer part of the SPG so he was allowed to leave. Dylan Weir had followed Evan to the building and she met with Mac when he was released. Together they went to the research facility and illegally entered and discovered what the Project was up to.

The Colonel continued to interview Cross and he and Leeds revealed to the Cross they were taking creatures from the Anomalies and had been doing for the past 6 month without his knowledge. Hall brought Angelika Finch to try to convince Evan onto his side however it did not work, he then tried to convince Leeds to sway Evan over as well however Leeds refused so was unofficially court marshaled.

The Colonel finally got the leverage he need over Evan when Dylan and Mac were arrested for stealing government property at the reseaarch facility and he threatened to send them to jail form years unless Evan agreed to supply him with a working Anomaly detection network and whatever else he invented after that. So the SPG team was released.

As Leeds was being taken to the holding cells, Angelika returned an walked pasted him in one of the hallways, she went to the Colonel's office to ask to become part of Project Magnet.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

Angelika convinced the Colonel to release Leeds so he could assist her as the Civilian director so he was released from the holding cells. Angelika later visited Colonel Hall in his office to tell him the SPG had found another Anomaly and Toby Nance was poisoned by a Brontoscorpio and need assistance.

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