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The Interrogation room was a room located in the Prospero building used by the Anomaly Research Centre. It was used for interviews and interogations.


The room was a single small room with a see-through door. A single table and two chairs were in the room. The only window was on the door and there were multiple recording devices in the room which could be disabled. A computer fitted with a camera was often used to film any interrogations/interviews.


Series 4 Prequel Webisode 1

During the interview of the ARC operation after a four month closure, James Lester, Becker, Matt Anderson and Jess Parker were interviewed in the room. Matt and Jess are shown video footage of anomaly incursions.

Episode 4.2

Upon the return of Abby Maitland and Connor Temple after their year in the Cretaceous they were interviewed by Matt in the interrogation room. Abby told Matt about how she and Connor kept each other alive while Connor plead with the new team leader to get him back on the team.

Episode 4.7

After the capture of Patrick Quinn Matt took him to the room to be interviewed on who he was and confess his plan on manipulating the Anomalies. Patrick however revealed that he was not who Matt was looking for. Danny later asked his brother what happened to him and learnt that Patrick's time traveling through the Anomalies has disturbed him and turned him into a murderer. Patrick later asked Danny to let him go and that he promised to never bother anyone in this time again however Danny refused. Patrick then knocked out a guard and held Danny at gunpoint before promptly stunning him with the EMD. Patrick tried to kill Danny but realizes that he just could not do it.

Episode 5.1

Philip Burton watches video footage of Matt's interrogation of Patrick.

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