The Incan Temple was a temple that the ARC team discovered whilst investigating an Anomaly incursion in Peru. It was situated in the Peruvian Rainforest, and was the location of an Anomaly. It is unknown what the British Government decided to do with the Anomaly site (in the temple) post the events of 'Shadow of the Jaguar'.


Shadow of the Jaguar

The temple was first described by Cameron Bairstow. It's Anomaly, first of all, open up in the Peruvian jungle, and a Future Bird and six Thylacosmilus (under the Bird's control) travelled through to the present. However, it was suggested that the Anomaly was on a temporal fault line, as it is found by the ARC team in the Incan temple itself. Eventually, the Anomaly Research Centre team were able to locate the Anomaly in the temple, by which time it was weakening. The Future Bird escaped through the Anomaly, presumably to the Pliocene, resulting in the creation of the mythology of Pacha Kamaq. The six Thylacosmilus were also sent back through before the Anomaly in the temple closed.

In Real Life