A horse is a hooved species of mammal. They were domesticated by humans thousands of years ago and are commonly used as mounts.


In the Medieval ages, among other time periods, horses were used by human soldiers for combat. A knight from the Medieval ages named Sir William de Mornay used his horse when he attacked a Dracorex. He and his horse followed the dinosaur through an Anomaly through to the present day, but they both later returned to the Medieval age after the quest was completed. (Episode 3.7)

In the Victorian era, a horse was pulling the carriage that Emily was bundled into by her husband Henry Merchant. However along the journey, a Raptor that was loose in the Victorian era, attacked the carriage causing it to crash. The raptor saw the panicked horse as easy prey. The horse tried to get free but was secured by its harness to the wrecked carriage, finally the horse kicked off its harness and bolted. The raptor chased it but the horse got away. (Episode 5.3)

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