Hominids, also known as (Hominidae or Great Apes), are a family of primates that arose in the late Miocene. An example of early hominids are the Australopithecus which evolved during the Pliocene. (Episode 3.10) Within millions of years, they would eventually become humanity, the most advanced and intelligent species on Earth. The Mer Creatures, possible descendants of humanity, may fall into this category as well. (Episode 2.4)


Hominids first arose in the late Miocene in Africa.

In the Pliocene, the Australopithecus genus, specificaly A. afarensis appeared in the Great Rift Valley. Helen Cutter travelled via an anomaly to Site 333 where she planned to kill them all and wipe out humanity before they existed. She killed the tribe at Site 333, which was already in the fossil records, but she was killed by a Raptor from the Cretaceous before she could continue to wipe out the rest of the species. (Episode 3.10)




The Mandron, a type of hominid, is the 'missing link' between apes and a future version of humanity. It uses it long limbs and huge fingers to climb trees.

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