The Hippopotamus is a species of large mammal that can be found nowadays, in Africa. It weighs up to 4 tons, in the largest specimens, and can grow more than 10 feet long. It is semiaquatic and is so adapted to its underwater lifestyle, that it can remain underwater with only the tips of its ears, eyes and nose, sticking out, above the water's surface.


At a South African safari park, several hippopotami were seen fighting with a Eustreptospondylus. Then, they all scattered, when a much more dangerous Postosuchus arrived at the watering hole. The Postosuchus then fought with the smaller theropod dinosaur, eventually managing to kill it. Meanwhile, the whole scene was being watched, by Danny Quinn and James Lester. (Fire And Water).


  • The Hippopotamus was one of only two species of present-day animals to battle a creature from an anomaly (the other being lions, whom also appeared in Fire And Water).
Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Hippopotamus!

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