Haven Holidays is a sponsor of Primeval. Short adverts are shown before and after each ad break, featuring an implied prehistoric creature incursion in the same vein as those seen in the show. There are no CGI-generated creatures, only some basic animatronics.



A teenager throws a frisbee to his friend, who whilst trying to catch it, falls into a hole. As his friend helps him up, it is revealed that the hole is actually a giant three-toed footprint.


A father and his son are playing football when his son accidentally kicks the ball into a bush. When they go to get it, they stop when they hear rustling from the shaking bush; a chewed ball then shoots out, accompanied by the sound of a snuffling creature.


A woman is rubbing suncream over her husband's back when she hears a roar. She turns to see a dinosaur's shadow over the parosol, and this distraction causes her to accidentally rub the cream over the man's face.


A family are having lunch in a cafe when everyone hears repeating loud thuds, almost earthquake-like. Everyone in the cafe runs away screaming as the thudding causes the boy's glass of lemonade to spill. Right at the end, roaring can be heard.


A boy and a girl are on a beach when they find a giant bone under a rock; it's so big and heavy they both have to pick it up.


A man and a woman are playing Jenga when the woman hears something and turns to look at the bush outside. Accidentally knocking over the Jenga tower, she turns to see the man chuckling. While they aren't looking, the eyes of several unknown creatures glow in the bush.


A mother and her daughter are cycling through some woods when they spot a gigantic egg - they then race off back the way they came screaming.

Episode 4.5

A Labyrinthodont attacks a Haven Holiday caravan park.
Labyrinthodont is here

Labyrinthodont invades in Haven Holiday caravan park

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