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Hackney worksite - Silurian desert Anomaly

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Hackney worksite - Silurian desert Anomaly

5. Worksite Silurian-Present Anomaly


Historical information
First time and location linked Hackney Worksite, Present (2007)
Second time and location linked Desert, Silurian period
Open or Closed Closed
Travellers Sprat
The Cleaner
Two of Oliver Leek's mercenaries
Connor Temple's rover
Nick Cutter
Stephen Hart
One Silurian Millipede
Production information
Appearances Episode 2.5
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The Hackney Worksite - Silurian desert Anomaly was an Anomaly linking a worksite's drainage pipe in present day Hackney to a desert in the Silurian.


Episode 2.5

After this Anomaly opened up, a dog; Sprat ran through into the Silurian, and Taylor followed her through. Later, Oliver Leek detected the Anomaly and sent the Cleaner and two other mercenaries through on a mission to find and retrieve creatures for Leek's creature army. None of them returned, as they were all killed by Silurian Scorpions.

After the Anomaly Research Centre team found the Anomaly and Sprat returned through to the present, Connor Temple sent a rover through to see which time period it led to. When the rover detected Taylor in the Silurian, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart went through to rescue Taylor while Connor and Abby Maitland stayed in the present to guard the Anomaly.

A Silurian Millipede came through the Anomaly into the present, and the Anomaly then began to pulsating. Connor and Abby threw the Millipede back through, and the Anomaly closed seconds later; leaving Cutter, Stephen and Taylor marooned in the Silurian.


  • As the Silurian desert - Lost World Adventure Park Anomaly linked the exact same two time periods as the worksite Anomaly, some fans believe that the Park Anomaly may have been the worksite Anomaly having moved locations along a temporal fault line and reopened.
  • Some fans believe that this may Anomaly link the exact same spot in time, as Giant Scorpions and Millipedes are shown to live on the other side, and Eoarthropleura and Brontoscorpio fossils have been found in Great Britain.

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