The Guns Island Anomalies were several recurring Anomalies to points in the Early Cretaceous periods (and one to the Late Jurassic) that simultaneously opened on Guns Island because of a passing storm (or possibly causing the storm itself), They opened close together in a manner akin to a small Spaghetti Junction and all the Anomalies apparently closed when the storm cleared. (The Lost Island)

Confirmed Anomalies

Guns Island abandoned research base - Cretaceous coastal woodland Anomaly

The Guns Island abandoned research base - Cretaceous coastal woodland Anomaly was a recurring Anomaly linking Guns Island plateau in the present to a coastal woodland in the Cretaceous period.

It was theorised that this Anomaly had opened up in the 1950s and the British Government built a vault and research base over the top of it to study the phenomenon but abandoned it when the Anomaly closed.

In 2006/2007, the Anomaly reopened. When the Anomaly Research Centre team became trapped in the basement, when hiding from some Eotyrannus, they unlocked the vault discovering the doorway. They decided to escape to the Cretaceous after Nick Cutter first scouted, thus Stephen Hart, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland and Jenny Lewis with SAS Special Forces Captain John Willoby, Sergeant Callum Fox and Private David Doody and Irish Army Lieutenant Sean Brice and Corporal John McCann travelled through.

Cretaceous coastal woodland - Guns Island plateau Anomaly

The Cretaceous coastal woodland - Guns Island plateau Anomaly was an Anomaly linking a coastal woodland to Guns Island in the present day.

One juvenile Iguanodon possibly came through. Two days later, James Lester travelled through to the Cretaceous in search of the ARC team and set off a flare. All of the team made it back through safely but Cutter went back for Captain Willoby but he was killed by some Dromeosaurs. Cutter returned to the present just as the Anomaly closed as the storm passed.

Other Anomalies

  • There were initially six Anomalies detected on the island but they apparently closed and six others opened.
  • There was at least one Anomaly in the sea that lead to the Late Jurassic and a Liopleurodon came through.
  • The several Eotyrannus probably came from another Cretaceous Anomaly.
  • Three Anomalies were seen from the coastal cliff one night but were gone by the morning.
  • There were two other Anomalies next to the second Cretaceous Anomaly and all three closed when the storm cleared.