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Claudia Brown bludgeons an Anurognathus with a 3-iron.[src]

A golf club is an object, composed of a shaft (usually made of aluminum or carbon fibre) with a grip and a metal or resin club head. It is used in the game of golf as a tool to move the golf ball, but can also be used as a sort of melee weapon.


  • In Episode 1.5, Claudia Brown is trapped in a room of the Forest Heights Country Club hotel, surrounded by a flock of bloodthirsty Anurognathus. When one of the pterosaurs enters the room she is in via the chimney, she grabs a golf club from a nearby display rack. Despite her poor vision due to her bout with a Pteranodon, she manages to hit the Anurognathus, either killing it or rendering it unconscious. She then uses the same club several more times when the flock begins to pour in.
  • In Episode 4.2, Mary is awoken by an intruder and, failing to awaken her partner Jack, grabs a golf club and goes downstairs to investigate. The intruder turns out to be an infant Kaprosuchus, which she hits with the club, and eventually flushes down the toilet.

Other References

  • In Episode 1.6, Nick Cutter plays mini-golf with a replica femur (probably mammalian) and a coffee mug. He is interrupted by Claudia Brown, who compliments his accuracy. He later misses the cup and ricochets the golf ball off of Claudia's shoes.

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