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The Future shoreline was a segment of coastline in the future, inhabited by Mer Creatures.


Yellow stone rock formations rise up from the beach into jagged clifftops caused by constant erosion. The climate appeared sunny and warm. Lightning and overcast skies were seen out at sea, suggesting that it was of a highly seasonal climate.


Episode 2.4

An Anomaly leading to the present day opened on the Future Beach for a few seconds during high tide, drawing a Future Shark and several Mer Creatures through. The Anomaly then closed seconds later. The Anomaly later reopened, and Abby Maitland, who had been taken by one of the Mer, was forced through by the MerQueen.

Connor Temple followed them through the Anomaly to the Future Beach and tried to pull Abby up onto higher ground. Before Connor could lose his grip and cause them to both fall, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart arrived and pulled them to the top of the cliff before killing the MerQueen. They returned through the Anomaly to the present shortly after.



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