The Future rainforest was an area of lush, warm, pine-like rainforest-like woodland located at an undetermined point in the Future. The forest opened out onto a clifftop, from which a forest and distant mountains wreathed in fog were visible.


An Anomaly to the present day opened in the future rainforest, and Lloyd travelled through into the rainforest after his mobile phone was sucked through the Anomaly. While exploring the rainforest, Lloyd came into contact with the fungus and was infected. He then tried to return through the Anomaly to the Present, but the Anomaly closed on Lloyd, leaving him marooned in the future, where he was presumably taken over by the Fungus. (Episode 3.5)


  • Fungus
  • Unseen future creatures


  • This is the only seen future era to not have any thunder or lightning occurring in the background.
  • The intensity of sunlight in the Rainforest appeared to be greater than it is in the present day, and the air appeared to ripple with the intense heat. There is a fan theory that the Future Rainforest's time period is 500 million years after the present, by which time the Earth has become warmer due to Sun expansion.

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