The future computer was a device used, located in the Future Anomaly Research Centre, in a ruined city.


The computer was comprised of a large touchscreen, with two sockets; one to insert the Artifact and the other for Anomaly Opening Devices. Its features included:

  • Storing downloaded data on its hard drive.
  • Using the Artifact's data on "every Anomaly there has ever been or ever will be" to download information, then encrypted the data so it could be uploaded to an Opening device. This allowed an Opening device to open any Anomaly which it had uploaded information on.
  • Displaying a holographic timemap using the Artifact.
  • It appearently could suggest which Anomalies could be used to get to a certain time period.


At some point, Helen Cutter discovered the computer. She then spent every day, since her husband's death, discovering what the computer, the Artifact and the Opening devices were. Either the future ARC or Helen powered the computer with several dozen car batteries.

Episode 3.10

When the ARC team found her- she masterfully used it. Helen used the computer to get an "Anomaly route" to Site 333 in the Pliocene, the computer downloaded data on two Anomalies. She then uploaded it to her Opening device. The computer died when she had finished. Helen escaped through the first Anomaly and broke the Artifact, Connor Temple was then able to re-power it by using torch batteries, and he downloaded the data on the two Anomalies that had been saved on the hard drive to a Opening device he had obtained.

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