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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).

Framestore was the provider of VFX special effects for the first three series of the original Primeval.

Each series featured an extensive amount of visual effects with several hundreds of VFX shots in each season with each episode featuring appromimately a hundred effect shots and most of them being very expensive character and creature animations. They delivered aproximately 2400 VFX shots for the show within 3 years of which almost 1400 were creature shots.

Framestore has been nominated for Best Visual Effects at the BAFTA TV Awards in 2009 for their work on Series 3 and previously won the Escape Awards for Series 2 for which they were also nominated at the VES Awards for Outstanding Character Animation.

Previously, Framestore had worked with Impossible Pictures on the Walking with... trilogy, for which they won several Emmys, and Prehistoric Park. They are considered one of the "Big 8" in the visual effects industry.

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