The Forest Heights Country Club was a large picturesque country club with a rural golf course area located around London.


Episode 1.5

An aerial Anomaly opened at the Forest Heights Country Club, and a Pteranodon and a swarm of Anurognathus came through into the skies above the golf course. When the Anurognathus attacked and killed the golfer Andy on the golf course, the Home Office and Special Forces arrived to investigate and had the Forest Heights area evacuated and sealed off.

They had the hotel cleared out and subsequently seemed to use it as a medical location. Andy's stripped body was examined by Nick Cutter and Claudia Brown in the hotel's emergency room. The team found the Anomaly on the golf course, captured the Pteranodon nearby and Claudia was placed in the emergency room after suffering a concussion.

While Cutter and Claudia were in the hotel, it came under attack by the swarm of Anurognathus, which besieged the hotel and began to break and slip into the building in pursuit of Cutter and Claudia. Nick went out into the hotel grounds to get help over a working phone while Claudia stayed in the Anurognathus-infested hotel, until Helen Cutter arrived. Helen sent Claudia out into the hotel grounds, then caused a gas explosion in the hotel's kitchen which destroyed the hotel and killed the Anurognathus swarm.

Afterwards, the Pteranodon was sent back through the Anomaly by the team just before the Anomaly closed.

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