The football stadium - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly was an Anomaly linking the kitchen of a Central London football stadium in the present to a Spaghetti Junction in an unknown time period.


Episode 1.4

This Anomaly opened up inside the football stadium's kitchen fridge. Helen Cutter led the Home Office to the Anomaly, and escaped through into the Spaghetti Junction on the other side while they were distracted. Tom Ryan and then Stephen Hart followed Helen through the Anomaly into the Spaghetti Junction, but gave up and returned through to the present when they found Helen had already escaped through another Anomaly in the Junction.

Shortly afterwards, a flock of five Dodos, at least two of which were carrying Parasites, came through the Anomaly into the stadium kitchen. The team were able to round four of the Dodos up. All the Dodos except for the two infected with the Parasite were returned through the Anomaly; one of these two Dodos died of the Parasite before it could be returned through, and the other escaped the stadium. The Anomaly subsequently began to weaken, and closed within the next few hours.

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