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Football stadium
1x4 FootballStadiumPitch
Geographical information
Location London
Anomalies Football stadium - Spaghetti Junction Anomaly
Production information
Filming location The New Den
Appearances Episode 1.4
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This football stadium was located in Central London and was the site of an Anomaly to a Spaghetti Junction.


Episode 1.4

Helen Cutter led the Anomaly branch of the Home Office to the football stadium by lying that the stadium's Anomaly linked to a Smilodon territory, and escaped from the team through the Spaghetti Junction. Shortly after, five Dodos came through the Anomaly from the Spaghetti Junction into the stadium's kitchens; one of the Dodos escaped the team and the stadium, while the others were round up and sent back through the weakening Anomaly.

After the Anomaly closed, the Special Forces kept the football stadium secured. The same day, Tom forced Abby Maitland to get him into the stadium and past security to the Anomaly site, but when Tom found that the Anomaly had closed, he attacked and pursued Abby through the stadium. The rest of the team arrived and stopped Tom before he could infect Abby with the Parasite, and Tom subsequently died in Connor's arms out on the stadium pitch.


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