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First Man-made Anomaly
Historical information
First time and location linked New Dawn Prototype, 2011
Magnetic Case, 2011
Second time and location linked Future
Open or Closed
Travellers Thousands of Future Beetles
One Future Beetle Queen
Two Mutated Future Predators
Production information
Appearances Episode 5.3
Episode 5.4
Episode 5.6
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The First Man-made Anomaly is an Anomaly created by the New Dawn Prototype, which links the present day with the Future. Due to the New Dawn Prototype's size, the Anomaly is no bigger than a cat.


Episode 5.3

The First Man-made Anomaly was created by the New Dawn Prototype. Connor and April were working hard to get it to work, and the first time they tried the Anomaly came close to forming but failed. But during their second attempt to test the prototype, the Anomaly manged to form completely.

Episode 5.4

The First Man-made Anomaly was examined by Philip and Connor, and data was collected so that Philip could work on creating a larger Anomaly with the New Dawn Machine once they knew how it worked. Matt, Abby and Emily were horrified at what Connor had done and ordered him to lock the Anomaly, but Philip refused.


The First Man-made Anomaly forming. (Episode 5.3)

A swarm of Future Beetles later came through the Anomaly into the ARC, causing a lockdown. Matt locked the Anomaly to prevent more Beetles coming through, and later Connor unlocked it. He recalibrated the Anomaly to make it release a gamma ray which would kill the Future Beetles. The Anomaly then slowly began to collapse, and eventually closed and released a gamma ray into the ARC, which killed all of the Beetles.

Episode 5.6

As the New Dawn Prototype was attuned to the New Dawn Machine, after the New Dawn Anomaly was created, the First Man made Anomaly reopened and two Mutated Future Predators travelled through into the ARC.


The First Man-made Anomaly collapsing. (Episode 5.4)

After the Predators were dispatched with EMDs, Matt and Connor closed a Magnetic Case over the First Man-made Anomaly and used it to move the Anomaly into the New Dawn Anomaly; merging the two attuned Anomalies and causing them to de-stabilise and close.


  • This is the first Anomaly to open in an ARC facility in the TV series.
  • As man-made Anomalies are stable according to Connor, this Anomaly presumably cannot close on its own; however, the Anomaly has been mentioned to have fizzled out in the past.


  • Mutated Future Predators are too big to fit through the First Man-made Anomaly, so how they got through in Episode 5.6 is unclear.
  • It is unknown why the first time Connor opened the Anomaly, the ARC's Anomaly Detector didn't go off but the second time he opened it, Jess picked it up on the detector.

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