Euparkeria was a species of small reptile from the Triassic period, close to the ancestry of Archosauria.


Euparkeria were small, green reptiles which were fast and elusive in behaviour.

Incursions and encounters

In 2008, several Euparkeria came through a small Anomaly into a motorway-side service station. No one was hurt, except Abby Maitland who was bitten by one. Eventually the small creatures were returned before the Anomaly before it closed. (Extinction Event)

Other references

Connor Temple included Euparkeria in his database of prehistoric creatures. (Episode 1.1)
Euparkeria primeval

An Euparkeria picture (Episode 1.1).

Real life

Euparkeria (name meaning "Parker's good animal") was an archosauriform genus, which lived in what is now South Africa from 245 to 230 million years ago. It had a light, lean body, long tail, and a small skull with tiny, needle-like teeth. It probably fed on insects and any other small animals that it could find on the forest floor, and would have periodically shed its teeth in order to keep them sharp. The first fossils were found in South Africa in 1913, but better specimens were unearthed in 1924.