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  • It is so obvious from what Gideon said to Matt that Ethan must have something to do with the Future Predators taking over. This episode was okay but the labyrinthodont probably wasn't the best ever creature for primeval (but it relly did suit the episode). Plus I can't wait to see what Connor gets up to in Prospero. And if Ethan dies at the end of series 4 I'm going to get seriously angry. I want to see him in Series 5 as well. I give the episode a 7/10. Can't wait for episode 4.6, it sounds awesome from the next time trailer. Dracorex771 07:23, January 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Better than the last one. After abruptly sinking into the shithole that is episode 4.3, season 4 is slowly but constantly regaining some of the quality it had at the beginning. Not a great episode, but still pretty good. The beast is cool, but it would have been better if its skin was like that of real amphibians, instead of that unconvincing scaly appearence. Abby driving the van with the giant hellbender on the top was badass. The pub scene was hilarious. The Matt/Ethan/Emily sub-plot was better than I expected from such bland characters, mainly thanks to a hilarious and awesome James Lester, who helps Matt in his chase. The village setting is great, and we have a little bit of exploration and investigation, like in the first seasons. The ending with all that pseudo-sciencey thing and the two villagers is pretty confused and unnecessary, but who cares. 7/10.
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