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  • This episode was great! I really didnt expect Eve to be Helen! That was a bit strange. I was really expecting Claudia to return in this episode because i read on "The News of the World" that Claudia will be returning in this episode! She was only mentioned! I hate RUMOURS! lol! i give it 10/10! Kabilan29 10:29, March 29, 2010 (UTC)
  • This episode was ok but a better creature. They didnt need the future predator in this EP. 6/10, 12:19, January 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • This episode was pretty good. Although I already knew that Eve was Helen, from reading spoilers on this wiki (LOL!), it was still quite jarring to see the mask disappear at the end. Also, the Embolotheriums were easily one of the best creatures to appear on Primeval, in my opinion, just because they are so huge, there is an entire herd of them, and they can cause a lot of damage and deaths, despite the fact that they are herbivores. Also, Christine Johnson's death came really unexpected, to me. She looked like she was doing pretty fine, until Helen pushed her through that Future Anomaly. However, her death was still pretty dramatic, and all. And, so, in the end, I give this episode 4 stars, and 8/10. Fast Biter (Talk). 16:52, 20 June, 2011. (UTC).
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