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  • I love this episode, i have to say this is one of my favs. Full of action and drama between Connor and Abby. I hate Jake :/ i didn't trust him from the begining......poor connor, this episode was hard for him with Abby acting like she hated him so much. good work i'm gonna give it a 10/10
  • LOVE the battle between Future Predators & Megopterans. Jack is a noob. but great episode. 8/10 User:Olliebro 12:17, January 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • I effen LOVED THIS EPISODE. Since the future predators are my second favorite creatures on this show, I was glad to have them heavily featured in this episode. I also liked Connor and Abby together. I liked unexpected scenes, like the baby predator bursting out of the window without any warning, and the return of Becker in the car. I was astonished at the battle scene between the Megopterans and the Future Predators. I also liked some of the Connor moments like the "brain eating zombies" part. I loved almost every aspect of this episode, including the Megopterans, but I HATE JACK!!!!!! He should have been killed by a future predator or Megopteran. Anyways, incredible episode. 9.8/10 Series5info4567
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