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  • .....'Sigh'. Cutter died, it was, to say the least, needless and could easily have been prevented. The diictodon were interesting, but Cutter's death just made me dread seeing Sid and Nancy. I end up remembering Cutter's death every time they turn up. (7 out of 10) Shadow Talon (talk) 16:39, July 15, 2014 (UTC)
  • I reckon this was the most saddest and most tragic episode of the primeval series, i cried and wished nick would be resurrected through the anomalies.
  • This was the first episode I watched (I know, not a good way to start the series!). Een though I didn't know anything about primeval, I almost cried when Nick died. The second time I wtched it, my mom cried, and I almost did (Again). It's still a pretty good episode, but one of the top 2 saddest episodes for me. I give it a 7/10 (Would have given more, but Nick died, so....)
  • I have to say this is the saddest episode yet. It started out happy and then it too kyou by surpise as things began to go horribly wrong. I couldn't beleive i was all like NO THEY DID NOT JUST KILL CUTTER! i was really sad as he told Connor they wouldn't do it together anymore, poor connor. Thats the second person who actually died on him, I couldn't beleive it when i watched episodes after that and noticed Cutter wasn't on the character list at the begining.
  • I liked this episode very much but it was also very emotianal. Why? Why did they have to kill Nick?! Alas, it was the impossible truth. R.I.P Nick Cutter, 10th February 2007 to 28th March 2009. 10/10 dannylaz
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