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  • I think this was a good episode and the Camouflage Beast was one of my favorute creatures from the series 8/10
  • Perhaps the best Primeval episode ever made. This episode features an interesting and creative creature, superb designs, and characters with depth. For once, the people take precedence of special effects. This was perhaps the last true to form Primeval episode, before the massive changes made starting the following episode. 10/10
  • I think this one is way to different from every other episode. Like for start there isn't enough Cutter in it. And its all a bit wonky, everyone is everywhere. I'm not saying i hate it but its not my fav. I love the camo beast for it is a fantastic idea but.......its just different. I reckon if this episode had ended differently it would have changed everything for the whole Connor and Abby situation. It is just like an odd on out if you watch the episode beffore and after.I can see what they were trying to do - to get a creepy haunted-house type feeling for the ep, and I like that they are willing to try these different things rather than just the same old creature-of-the-week-running-around-chase-scene type eps all the time. But unfortunately, this one just didn't actually work, I think. But there are some very funny lines. Like connor in jail made my day.......I do love the Connor and Jenny moments. When they're talking to the estate agent and Connor puts his arm around her, and she elbows him in the ribs! Also Aby said she was thinking about making a move onConnor and she did,,,,,,with a peck on the cheek. But she doesn't do anything esle to show her love for Connor in the follwing odd 6/10
  • Great invention, i never knew that primeval would make such a creature, scary & Unique. User:Olliebro 11:56, January 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! 10/10
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This episode gave the right heebie jeebies! Utterly chilling! I think it's funny when we first see the Camo Beast though (OMG there's like a gremlin on the sofa!!!!! Ahhhhhh!) The Camo Beast is a great creature (Madagascan Aye Aye from hell!) and it's always stalking you..... Don't look now, it's too late already!!!!!!! 10/10 dannylaz

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