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  • I loved this episode. It was great to see Lester do some fighting, and the sequence with him being hunted by the Future Predator is fantastic! I don't really understand the bit with the virus however. But nevertheless, one of my all time favourite episodes. 9/10. --Spamalot360 15:17, October 15, 2009 (UTC)
  • Lester vs. the Future Predator is absolutely terrifying. Makes the entire episode. The capture is unexpected, and even more unexpected is the vast collection of creatures unveiled for the cliffhanger. Sets the finale up well. 7/10. ~44jeanette44
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  • A great example of a great episode of Primeval! The best part is where Lester is being stalked by a future predator in the ARC. It's got loads of action, humor and creature moments. Ed is a bit of a weak minded idiot (I mean, there's a mammoth on the motarway and he decides the best thing to do is run away before going back to his car to get a crowbar!) The Mammoth would be a great pet or guard dog (it gored a Future predator that was about to kill Lester.) Ahhh! Leek is a traitor and the worst part is, he and Helen have been collecting creatures to set upon the oblivius civilians!!!!!!! 10/10 dannylaz
  • I liked it. It was okay, but not the best episode out there. I thought the only good parts was when Connor hid from the Mammoth behind the van and when Lester totally kicked some Future Predator butt. That was the best part Tatertot623 12:38, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

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