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This was certainly a great episode- back when future creatures were original and creative. The fact that the creature remains a mystery is awesome and the storyline with the creatures capturing rather then eating right then and there is much more interesting. Connor's acting is pretty good and its nice we see more of the mysterious "cleaner". The ending with Connor plunging after Abby into the future is a great way to end the episode especially with the battle with the MerQueen. Overall I give this episode an A+ - OliverLeekfan

This episode was a good one! This is the debut of the first future creatures in series two.... Mer Creatures and the Future shark!!!! I like this episode because it's full of humor, action and the candles on the cake... creepy future thingys!!! The Mer queen is really ugly and big, but it gets pumped full of lead by Nick and Stephen! 10/10 dannylaz.

This is one of the best episodes of the show. The strain between the characters comes to a head, and we finally have Connor's admission of "I can't, I love you". Simply a wonderful episode. 9/10. ~44jeanette44

This episode was good like all of season 2 but again like episode 2.2 it is just not as strong as some of the other ones. It has some good parts like the future anomaly and when they captured abby but the start was a bit slow paced. Overall my 6th favourite of season 2 and my 16th favourite overall

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