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  • Episode 1.2 was one of the better of the season. They had good story lines and good action and the CGI was fantastic. While the Home Office setting is getting a little boring and the fact of them discovering the anomaly in the first place just by someone getting bit (something the government wouldn't really notice at all) the rest of the episode was superb. The ending was climatic although the whole medical drama tone with Stephen was overdone. Other then that the episode was well written and a good continuation of the first episode. I give it an A- - OliverLeekfan
  • I liked this episode but there were better ones, so I would give it 6/10.--SuperHLK 15:32, September 12, 2009 (UTC)
  • Okay, but not the best. I'm glad they had an arthropleura in the series (their my favorite extinct insect). I'd give it a 7/10.
  • This episode was alright but was unfortunatly overshadowed by nearly every season 1 episode. The way they did it could have been done better. Nice too see conner has some friend though. Overall my 5th favourite episode in season 1 and my 24th favourite of all time. 5/10. Wassboss
  • This episode was alright but in my opinion the weakest in the first season, it was nice to have insects and i love how this show finds realy cool but not well known dinosaurs. i liked how there was action and as usual i loved Conner, but i found there wasn't realy a scary feeling that i got from the others it was not somthing you might have bad dreams about unless your terrified of insects 6/10
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  • I love the giant spiders! I don't really like insects and when I saw the spiders and Arthopleur for the first time I just went "AHHHHHH!!!!" 10/10 dannylaz
  • This did a good job of making people shudder. I liked how it showed that sometimes it's not a massive carnivorous beast--giant insects and other unpleasant things can appear as well. 7/10. ~44jeanette44

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