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Creature information
Home time period Oligocene
Creature type Artiodactyla
Fatalities caused 3
Production information
Appearances Episode 1.1 (picture)
Extinction Event
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An Entelodon, an Oligocene era pig, appeared in the Primeval novel Extinction Event.

In Primeval

Episode 1.1

Connor included Entelodon in his database of prehistoric creatures

Extinction Event

A pair of Entelodon came through an anomaly in a theatre on Oxford Street. One remained in the theatre while the other rampaged through the street, killing three people, leaving a woman scared and covered with its drool and damaging cars and buses. Jake Hemple followed Cutter's orders to tranquilise it so that it could be sent back through the anomaly. Connor and Abby located the theatre anomaly, and encountered the other Entelodont which chased Connor before it went out onto the street and attacked Jenny, who was in Cutter's car. Jenny reached safety, but the Entelodon was charging too fast to be tranquilized as well, so Cutter reluctantly ordered its death. Later the first Entelodon was sent back through the anomaly.


Entelodon is a prehistoric pig, but recent search suggest it is also a very close relative of the Hippo, it is 1.5 meters tall, two and a half meters long and weigh 250kg, it lived in the Oligocene epoch, about 25 million years ago, they have immensely powerful jaws, able to bite down harder than hippos or crocodiles and some brontothere bones show bite marks of Entelodon teeth,thus giving their names, "perfect tooth", although they have big and powerful jaws, their hooves suggests it could not grasp prey, but he had big legs,allowing it to reach great speeds, but for short periods, this suggests they were hunting by running and keeping up with the prey, and them they would headbutt the victim to make it trip, once the prey is stunned, them the Entelodonts can start to bite the prey and kill it, but they were mainly scavengers, because they could take any food they wanted. They were apex predators but competed with other predators such as Hyaenodon.


  • This is the true 1st creature encountered by the team after the death of Stephen Hart as Extinction Event was said to be before Episode 3.1.
  • The Entelodon is the 3rd prehistoric mammal to appear in an Older Novel.
  • The Entelodons actually ate some things that are usually not edible. They crunched and ate glass and the second one ate Jenny's cellphone.
  • Entelodons previously appeared in Walking with Beasts.
  • The attack of the Entelodons led to the events of Extinction Events.
  • Its more then likely that this creature's anomaly was the unknown anomaly that opened up during Stephen Harts funeral.
  • Entelodon was one of the few creatures thought to appear in the TV series It was originally going to appear in 3.1. A Gorgonopsid was thought to reappear in 3.10 and 5.6 (It only appeared in Series 1). Thirinaxodons were originally to appear in Series 5 but failed to appear (possibly a scripting error), Pliosaurs were going to to appear in Series 4, although they appear in 5.2 instead. Dimetrodons were believed to appear in Series 3 and Series 5. The Future Predator along with Sid and Nancy were thought to reappear in Series 4 and 5, although the Future Predator reappeared in 5.6, Sid and Nancy were confirmed not to reappear. A T-Rex was also falsely believed to appear in Series 4, but it appeared in Series 5 instead.
  • The Entelodon's rampage in the streets of London is likely a reference to the 1925 film The Lost World where a Brontosaurus rampages throughout London.
  • Entelodonts are sometimes known as the "Pigs from Hell".
  • This was the first creature to be known to public unintentionally, the second being Tyrannosaurus Rex in 5.5. Ironically, both creatures were featured in Extinction Event.
  • The unseen carnivore in 5.5 was likely a young Entelodon as it let out a pig-like squeal when it was shot by Becker.
  • This was the only creature in the novels that Nick Cutter let a team member kill.

Behind the Scenes

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Entelodon!

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