An elephant is a mammal belonging to either the genus Alphas (Asian) or Loxodonta (African).


The Department of Evolutionary Zoology, a section of the Central Metropolitan University, had the image of an African elephant as symbol.

In 2006, the Wellington Zoo had a six-month project at the bug house which studied the life cycle of parasites living in Elephant dung (Episode 1.1).

A herd of Asian elephants lived at the Wellington Zoo. One day Abby Maitland was feeding them in their enclosure and they unintentionally saved her life by scaring off a Future Predator with their loud noises. Later on, the same Future Predatore briefly encountered a lonely elephant in the zoo's warehouse (Episode 1.6).

When a Columbian Mammoth rampaged on the M25, the Anomaly Research Centre tried to coax it back through the Anomaly by using female elephant urine brought by Abby from a nearby Safari Park. Unfortunally this plan failed when the anomaly closed and the Mammoth was contained in the ARC. (Episode 2.6)

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