Eastern Airlines Flight 443 was a cargo carrier plane from the Yukon which was lost through an Anomaly into the Jurassic. The type of aircraft is identified as a World War II era Douglas DC-3/C-47 Skytrain.


Fear of Flying

In early 2012, Jim and Pallavi Grewal were piloting Flight 443 from Spring River Airport outside Vancouver when an Anomaly opened on the runway directly in front of the plane and the plane accidentally flew through into a desert in the Jurassic, where it was force to badly land. The crash-landing in the desert damaged the plane's wheel strut and caused the fuel tank to leak out, and passing through the Anomaly fried its circuitry.

After Evan Cross and Dylan Weir arrived, they repaired the plane's wheel strut, but Evan, Pallavi and Dylan were then besieged in the plane when a swarm of Jurassic Beetles arrived, killed Jim and swarmed over the plane. The trio in the plane then set about repairing the plane's circuitry by cannibalising wiring from the plane's cargo. They then refilled the plane's fuel tank from inside with gasoline from a generator onboard so as to fly in the plane back through the Anomaly, but before they could, the Beetles overran the plane cockpit and killed Pallavi. Evan and Dylan subsequently used the gasoline and fire to flee from the plane and across the desert back to the Anomaly, leaving Flight 443 crashed and deserted in the Jurassic desert with the Beetles.

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