These Dromaeosaurids were unknown species of Dromaeosaur from the Early Cretaceous.


Thes dromaeosaurids were said to be similar in appearance to the large Raptor species frequently encountered by the Anomaly Research Centre team but only 3 feet tall and black in colour.

Incursions and encounters

The Lost Island

In a coastal woodland in the Cretaceous, a pack of Dromaeosaurids attacked and killed John McCann. Later, as the ARC team were trying to escape through another Anomaly, the Dromaeosaurids returned and mannaged to kill Captain John Willoby, despite being shot down, stabbed with sticks and reently recovering from a flood. Nick Cutter, Jenny Lewis, Stephen Hart, Connor Temple, Abby Maitland, Sergeant Callum Fox and Private David Doody escaped the dinosaurs just as the Anomaly closed.