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Dragon carved in a table by medieval-age children (Episode 3.7)

Dragons are mythical creatures, commonly described as giant flying reptiles with the ability to breathe fire. Nick Cutter suggested that the "ancient civilisations" that spoke of "monsters and dragons" weren't as naive as assumed after the discovery of anomalies. (Episode 1.3) He was proven right when a Dracorex came through an anomaly from the Cretaceous to Medieval times. The native people believed it to be a dragon, and even sent a knight on a quest to slay the beast. (Episode 3.7) It appears that Dracorex, and probably other Pachycephalosaurs, have been influencing western society for centuries.


Even though not having wings, Dracorex, which is the dinosaur said to be a dragon, has a keen relation to one. The reptilian skin, deadly attitude, three footed toes, and swift claws, are perfect traits of a dragon. It does not breathe fire, despite this being another common trait of a dragon, but it is possible that when Dracorex flicked its long tongue, people in the Dark Ages mistook it for a burst of flame.

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