Major Douglas was a senior officer in the Canadian Army, working for Project Magnet.


Sometime in his life, Douglas worked with Lieutenant Ken Leeds in Kandahah, Afghanistan. At some point, Douglas was drafted into Project Magnet, after it was rebooted in 2012. Both Leeds and Douglas reported to Colonel Henderson Hall but, despite his rank, Douglas had to take some orders from Leeds who was in charge of the Project. (Babes in the Woods)

Babes in the Woods

Douglas helped Project Magnet in someway when they collected prehistoric samples from the Mount Seymour Anomaly. He also took his personal camera and took several photos of the Anomaly, intending to keep them. Douglas drove a truck back to the Project's facility, presumably it was carrying the samples and an Ornitholestes. When he arrived, he was met by Leeds who scolded him for taking photos and snapped his SD card. Douglas warned Leeds not to make mistakes like in Kandahar, and tried to convince him the Anomalies were more important that Evan Cross.

The Great Escape

After the Terror Bird Leggy escaped captivity into Vancouver, Major Douglas and several soldiers under him were sent to recapture Leggy. Douglas tried to get the Cross Photonics' Special Projects Group out of his way, and grew angered and frustrated at Evan Cross and Dylan Weir's successful attempts to slow him and his men down in their pursuit of Leggy, as well as Ken Leeds' assistance towards Evan and Dylan.

Douglas and his soldiers tracked Leggy down to the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Arena, where the Terror Bird managed to injure Douglas and kill several of his men. After Douglas' remaining soldiers treated his wounds, he went off to find and recapture Leggy on his own, but Evan and Dylan managed to locate and tranquilise the Terror Bird first. Douglas then threatened Evan and Dylan and tried to recapture Leggy, but was tranquilised from behind by Leeds.


Major Douglas was a man who ran his operations strictly and was determined to complete his assigned missions at all costs. He did not accept disobedience from his men or any help/interference from civilians as well, and he put the completion of his missions before even the lives of both civilians and his own soldiers. Douglas appeared to use his rank and knowledge of Leeds past mistakes, to try intimidating Leeds. Despite this, Leeds was usually able to talk his way out of most of his conflicts with Douglas.

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