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A dog is a domesticated form of canine, often kept by many as pets.

In Primeval

The Home Office used dogs to try and track down a Future Predator in the Forest of Dean. (Episode 1.6)

West bred guard dogs on his farm, which was thought by members of the ARC to be a Smilodon. (Episode 2.3)

A pet dog called Sprat, belonging to Taylor Craig, went through an anomaly. Taylor followed it through, and, along with Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart, got stranded in the Silurian. Sprat made it back through, before Taylor, Nick and Stephen did too. (Episode 2.5)

When a henchman of Leek's Organisation sent a Giant Scorpion to a beach, as it moved underneath the sand a dog there sensed something was wrong and barked. (Episode 2.7)

When two students saw a Therocephalian in their School, one of them described it as a "evil rabid mutant dog". (Episode 4.4)

During a Hyaenodon incursion during the wedding of Jenny Lewis, it was noted several times that the creatures bore a resemblence to giant dogs. However, the two species are not actually related. (Episode 4.6)


Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on Dog!

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